Shure is famous for its unparalleled reputation in audio excellence, offering reliable and high-quality products across microphones and wireless systems.

Shure's gear is renowned for its durability, exceptional sound clarity, and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from live performances to studio recordings. With innovative technology and meticulous craftsmanship, Shure ensures optimal performance and reliability in any setting.

Renting Shure equipment guarantees access to industry-leading audio solutions trusted by professionals worldwide, delivering pristine sound reproduction and unmatched reliability for unforgettable performances and productions.

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Mic: Shure SM58 Backline Full Equipment List, Shure
Worlds best selling live vocal mic.
Starting From € 20.00 per day
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Mic: Shure SM58 Radio Mic Backline Full Equipment List, Shure
High quality reliable radio mic good for 50m reception.
Starting From € 50.00 per day
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Monitor: Shure PSM200 In Ear Monitor Backline Full Equipment List, Shure
Featuring smart, versatile components that grow with you as your needs change, PSM 200 is the personal monitoring breakthrough for entry-level performers. In ear is now in reach.
Starting From € 60.00 per day
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Mic: Shure UR4D + SM58 UR2 and UR1 Backline Full Equipment List, Shure
Stadium Radio Mic for the most demanding situations. Reception good for 100m
Starting From € 125.00 per day
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Discounts calculated automatically.  e.g. 3-day rental for the price of 2 days, and 7-day rentals for the price of 3 days.
Delivery set up and collection are free of charge for Audio orders over 250€.

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